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Here you can find out more about me, my books and what I'm up to. I write love stories with a sci-fi or supernatural twist. Basically it's weird things happening to normal people with romance running through the heart of it. Bet you can't wait to find out more...

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The Dark Nest


Out on 24th September

Beth and Simon Bird have a wonderful life together. They’re rich, happy, powerful and literally want for nothing. That is until there’s a knock on their office door. The news that their secret little magical community isn’t so secret anymore and the whole world seems to have developed magical powers - powers that people can’t possibly have – is just the start of a chain of terrible events.

Facing the biggest threat they’ve ever encountered, Simon feels he has no choice but to turn to dark magic. But this snap decision unravels all that is good in their life and begins to tear their family apart. 

With those closest to them now the enemy, what should they do? Should they risk losing everything? Or should they give way to temptation and let the darkness consume them? It's the people with all the power who have no power at all.

The Dark Nest is the fourth book featuring Beth and Simon Bird and the secret magic community of the Malancy.



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The Bird Trilogy
Lindsay's most popular books are the Bird Trilogy.

Here are some Amazon reviews:

"I read all three books one after the other until I had finished. Lindsay is a great story teller with a lovely easy to read style. The development of the characters throughout the books is what makes you just keep reading (plus you are dying to know what happens next). Highly recommend all three books."

"Started reading the first book and got so engrossed in the story and the character's that after three days I got to the end of book 3 wanting more. Please!"

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